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“Thank you” and welcome to
Tokyo Steak House.

About us

Tokyo Steak House & Sushi Bar brings authentic Japanese teppan-yaki cuisine which delivers the excitement of teppan cooking and delicious food cooked right at the table by a skilled chef.

Teppanyaki is a type of Japanese cooking. Generally speaking, it can be done on any iron plate (Hence “teppanyaki”; teppan means “iron plate”), with any ingredients. In the western world, it can be done on a griddle, though in Japan it is done in a special electric frying pan which is also called teppanyaki.

Another special we have is Sushi Meshi. It is a Japanese specialty based on boiled rice, flavored with a sweetened rice vinegar. Once cooled, the rice has a glossy sheen and separates easily. There is a wide variety of sushi including nigiri sushi (thin slices of raw fish seasoned with WASABI and wrapped around or layered with this rice), hosomaki (thin sushi rolls) and a futomaki (thick sushi rolls)

We hope you enjoy this unique opportunity to take in a little life and culture from Japan. Originally opened in late 2003, Tokyo Steak House is a fusion of modern culture and traditional Japanese cuisine.